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Application Processing Solutions

Application Processing.

Apart from providing guidance, we also assist our applicants in the overall application processing. Starting from resume building to applying in various colleges, to visa counseling and pre-departure briefing.

The application process is a representation of the student in front of the selection team in the form of words. It will form the first impression of the admission committee of the institute you prefer to be selected. It comprises of a Cover Letter, Resume, Essay, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Transcripts and related test scores, Letter of Recommendation (LOR), and Financial Documents.

We also work on the credentials of the applicants and additional documents required to improve the applicant’s strengths and highlight them distinctively. This will create an impressive image of the applicant, will bring out the strengths of the individual more effectively, and will increase the chances of getting selected.
Those candidates who prefer to work in research studies/ Ph.D. are also provided with complete assistance and are referred to the respective professor.