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We understand finances could be a major concern. Be it financial aid, Scholarships, or Study Loan, we will help you end to end.
“If investing in knowledge is expensive, try ignorance”.
Knowledge acts best and acquiring knowledge from one of the best institutions worldwide will prepare you up to your optimum level. Studying abroad is an expensive matter and in a country like India where more than half of the population is middle class, a person will think twice. But with the availability of scholarship assistance, it will defray the cost to a sustainable level. Although getting scholarships is not that easy and one needs to prove themselves worthy enough to get themselves any international scholarship. It is also advisable for the students to apply for scholarships in advance as there will be a better chance for the board to review the letter precisely.
Some of the prestigious scholarships are Fulbright scholarships (USA), DAAD(Germany), Charles Morris award(UK), Erasmus Mundus (EU), Mombusho(Japan), Felix(UK), and other university-specific scholarships.
There are various options available through which a person can get scholarships, although one needs to be exceptionally outstanding or have a genuine reason to get a certain scholarship.
The Global Pathways team has expertise in helping you in every minute and small areas starting from training you for a specific exam, assisting in making your profile strong with SOP/ ESSAY and Letter of Recommendations, the entire documentation process will be taken care of by us. The team knows how to work on the overall profile of a student to showcase his/her strong credential and bring out the best.